Monday, October 15, 2007

The Horrors of Professional Attire

So my initial phase of training requires me to wear a business suit every day. Fine, whatever. i am suffering in quiet in my suits and heels (!). But today, i got official confirmation of the fact that i have to invest in formal dresses. Plural. Because, unlike tuxes, i can't really rewear dresses at one post. Also, i will have to buy cocktail dresses... with gloves, shoes, accessories, etc to go with them. Dear god in heaven, what have i gotten myself into?

i don't even know to what stores one goes for this type of crap. Why did i turn away from academia, again?


  1. "...on a Ritz", are you kidding?!? Gloves, too? For once your mother is speechless. ILyB

  2. Man, as much as I hate wearing dressy clothes, I really love buying them. So, if I were in your situation, it would be so bittersweet.

    The US is picking up the tab, yes? I would hope you get a clothing allowance if you're required to wear such things!

  3. Don't you get to wear ten earings in one ear?

  4. Uh what? You are going to be so sophisticated after this experience.