Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Preliminary Photo Fun

Last Saturday i wandered around the Mall for a few hours enjoying the sunny weather. i didn't really go inside any of the museums or stay in one place for too long; i just wanted to get the lay of the land in DC. Happily, it's all starting to come together into a logical map in my head.

If you're in DC, it's worth your time to pay a visit to the Mall this week and next to see the entrants to the Solar Decathlon. It's a multi-year competition among engineering schools domestically and abroad to build a house that's solely powered by the sun. For those in the know here, Randall Pope is on the MIT build team (i saw him last night) and Noel Tyler is coming to town this weekend to work with the Georgia Tech team. More proof that Arkies can find other Arkies wherever we go, right? Anyway, the houses are open to the public next week. i'm really excited to go back and to examine some. Company is welcome, of course!

This is a hidden side of the Smithsonian Arts and Industries building, which looks very fun but is sadly closed for renovation. The brickwork and flourishes on the outside are awesome.

In case you Wash U folk thought you could escape The Bunny, you're wrong. This is in the Hirshhorn's sculpture garden. Ahhhh! Will the anorexic bunnies and fat horsemen of St. Louis never stop stalking me?

Finally, i present to you one of the loveliest women that the DC area has to offer. My friend Rachael and i encountered these beauties on the train (thus explaining the slight fuzziness... we were en route) from College Park, MD back into DC, and we had a solid 7 stations of travel during which to mock them. It was so bad that they knew we were making fun of them and we didn't care. Please note the Pepto-tinted stilettos (left) and the conspicuous absence of a skirt in the photo. It was there, but it was so short it was obscured by the seats on the train. Her friend's attire (right) is also entirely hidden, which is just as well since it looked like a bright yellow bathmat that had been run through a shredder then put out to pasture on someone's body. i know i'm no expert in the fashion department, but should you ever be faced with footwear choices like this, please go barefoot!

i do believe that's it for today. Keep sending in photo suggestions (museums, monuments, and model houses to come), and i'm going to unpack my air shipment of stuff that just arrived from Arkansas. Hurray!


  1. What's wrong with a nice young lady in pink stilettos and no skirt? That's my idea of an entertaining train ride. I usually get a guy reeking of alcohol sitting in front of me on the Metro.