Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun things about DC, part fifty-five

DC is great and all, but sometimes you have to go a bit farther afield to find your fun. This weekend, I, my mother, and two good friends went to Baltimore to see the Preakness. If you've been living in a cave all of your life, the Preakness is the second of three races in the Triple Crown for thoroughbred horse racing, and it's kind of a big deal. This year, the Kentucky Derby winner also won the Preakness, so the Belmont in three weeks will be a very big deal. Unfortunately, I will be in Jordan, so I will have to find the one bar in Amman that will carry the race! I am determined! This won't be the first time I will have to get my Belmont fix from overseas; in 2004 I stood in the middle of the night at the pay phone outside my apartment building in Madrid and listened to my mother call the race as Smarty Jones lost the Belmont at the very last minute.

At any rate, here's a few photos. We had great seats, but I was shocked at how shabby Pimlico is - it made me miss Oaklawn so very much.

The field right out of the gate, passing in front of us the first time

In the home stretch, Big Brown is ahead with about an eighth of a mile to go before the finish line.

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  1. I'd forgotten how much you love horse races. :D Hope you had fun with Mumsy-bitch and she-who-has-stolen-my-title-as-Georgia-bitch.... :D