Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Short List

I'll have to narrow this down a bit more still (I have to calculate exactly how long training would take for each case) and put it all into the proper order. Some cities are repeated here to represent multiple positions. Also, I will be bidding on a short stint at the UN General Assembly from September-December 2009 in New York. But here's the casting call for my second tour. Comments?

Key: bold is relative high interest, italic is relative low interest. I culled these from a list of over 500 positions, so they really are all good places, I believe.

Adana, Turkey, consular/management
Ankara, Turkey, consular
Ankara, Turkey, information officer
Astana, Kazakhstan, management
Baku, Azerbaijan, political
Baku, Azerbaijan, political/econ
Beirut, Lebanon, consular
Belgrade, Serbia, political
Berlin, Germany, economic
Bern, Switzerland, management
Bratislava, Slovakia, economic
Canberra, Australia, political/consular
Canberra, Australia, political
Caracas, Venezuela, economic
Chisinau, Moldova, management
Istanbul, Turkey, political
Istanbul, Turkey, consular
Jerusalem, Israel*, management
Kuwait City, Kuwait, political/consular
Kyiv, Ukraine, economic
Kyiv, Ukraine, management
Kyiv, Ukraine, information officer
Lisbon, Portugal, political/economic
Ljubljana, Slovenia, economic
Ljubljana, Slovenia, political
Luxembourg, Luxembourg, public affairs
Madrid, Spain, political
Manama, Bahrain, political
Moscow, Russia, political
Moscow, Russia, management
New Delhi, India, political
New Delhi, India, political
New Delhi, India, cultural affairs
Nicosia, Cyprus, public affairs/political/economic
Nouakchott, Mauritania, public affairs
Oslo, Norway, political/economic
Prague, Czech Republic, consular/political
Sarajevo, Bosnia, consular/political
Skopje, Macedonia, political
The Hague, Netherlands, economic
Vatican, Vatican, management/political
Vienna, Austria, political/economic
Yekaterinburg, Russia, public affairs

*The consulate's in West Jerusalem. Don't give me any quibbles about where it's legally located.

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  1. Ohhh Azerbaijan.... interesting country that I wish I knew more about. I might go there if I were in your shoes.... http://www.inhabitat.com/wp-content/uploads/41.jpg

    just out of curiosity, why did you pick it?