Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving, Again

Things I have discovered while preparing for my packout (ie, movers show up to box my things and put them on the truck to Saudi Arabia) tomorrow.
  • I am addicted to Burt's Bees - I have found at least eight stubs of BB lip gloss today alone. This is after I bought four or five to get me through my first few months in Riyadh.
  • I have enough sheet and towel sets to furnish a medium-sized B&B.
  • In addition to the bedrooms at this B&B, I have enough knives and kitchen utensils to outfit its kitchen. You may draw your own conclusions as to why I have about 15 brand-new, very sharp knives in my possession.
  • At some point in my life, I raided the Rendezvous' stash of moist towelettes and placed the entire haul into the inner pocket of every purse I own - in the event that I have a BBQ emergency, evidently.
  • I have pairs of jeans in every size from 4 to 12, only about half of which fit me at any given time...
  • ...yet I can still wear my Dolphinstock shirt from ASMS 2003.
  • My color palette in my professional wardrobe has recently branched out. I formerly owned suits that were entirely or almost completely black; I have recently added dark gray and dark brown. I don't want to go too crazy here.
  • I have never moved to any place where I couldn't use my car to get there, and so I could always just leave shirts on hangers for the drive. Folding nearly every shirt I own, knowing that when I see them again in two months they will be wrinkled nearly beyond repair? Not cool.
Back to packing. Who knows, I might find the Lindbergh baby next.


  1. how does one drive a truck to saudi arabia?

  2. Very carefully! Technically, my stuff got trucked to an airport, then flown over - which is better than the alternative (cargo ship). For all I know, it could be there now.

  3. Couldn't the truck just drive straight over the the North Pole and then down through Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq? Makes me wonder why Santa Claus needs all those reindeer.

    I wish I had a Dolphinstock t-shirt.