Friday, September 05, 2008


Well, I survived my first trip to the grocery store in Riyadh. We managed to time our visit so we'd arrive right after it reopened from the latest bout of prayer. True to form, the store was utterly empty but then filled up within ten minutes of our arrival. Tamimi, the big chain here, is partnered with Safeway, so a lot of stuff is just Safeway off-brand with a sticker with ingredients listed in Arabic slapped on the side. Amusingly, this is the first store in the Middle East I've ever seen that sells bigger jugs of corn oil than of olive oil. I'm sure that must make the farmers in Iowa thrilled. Prices are about comparable to stores in the States - some things are way more expensive (3 dollars/pound for green beans) and some much less (70 cents/pound for apples). The best thing I saw? Camel meat. Fresh, local camel meat. I didn't buy, because I want to do some research for what spices one cooks camel meat with before I actually indulge.

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