Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet in Saudi

I have a Saudi IP address, which blocks me from using websites like Pandora and from accessing a number of websites deemed inappropriate by local authorities.  It also means that when I go to my usual complement of websites, I get ads in Arabic.  They're hilarious.  My personal favorite so far is one telling me that I've won, not a free iPod or a laptop or something, but a US green card.  Close runner-ups are the marriage ads on Facebook and the places where ads should be, on websites like Wonkette, but are blocked because of inappropriate content.


  1. LOL. I just saw you're Sarah Palin poll, too bad it's over. I would be in the "wow, that was unexpected" category. I honestly think it was a stupid move, but who knows with these things? Politics nowadays is such a crap shoot.

    I also thought I'd tell you that I visited ASMS earlier this month. They have a new dean there and he was nice enough to show me around on Labor Day weekend. I was shocked at how little has changed. It was pretty much exactly how I remembered it when we were going there. Oh, and did you know that Elton Joe is the 3rd Floor RM now? No joke! I think the school is in good hands.

    I hope you don't get yourself into trouble in Saudi Arabia. Sounds to me like they haven't yet warmed up to our Western ways....

  2. Cokie thinks she wants to come to a mailing tube. She likes cats so Beeji will be OK.