Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadan Karim!

Well, it's the start of Ramadan here in the Magic Kingdom. I can't really assess changes in daily life, given that I have only had two days here, but I can make a few general observations.
  • Saudi law mandates that all workers have six-hour work days during Ramadan. This clearly does not apply to us, as we have to pick up the excess work that our local staff can't do. I am an expert now at placing visas into passports. By the end of the week I suspect that I will be stellar at data entry, and I'll be on the visa line by next week, still doing data entry around interviews.
  • I obviously don't have to fast, but I have to be covert when I eat lunch so as not to offend or to frustrate the observant Muslims in the office.
  • I still haven't heard the muezzin's call to prayer yet, but I did see three men praying in the middle of the motor pool's garage tonight as I was leaving. There is something I find so quietly amusing about this.
  • I'm going grocery shopping in about two hours, and I don't know whether to expect utter chaos at the store or complete emptiness. We shall see.

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  1. How are the festivities over there? I suppose Istanbul is just a slight, slight bit more liberal, but here it feels like christmas with a carnival. After sunset it really comes alive. It's quite nice but then again i'm not fasting either.