Thursday, November 20, 2008

Travel Plans

One thing I forgot - my travel plans for December and January are finally locked in.  I'm taking souvenir requests and siteseeing suggestions now.

During Eid in December, I'll have an entire week off from work.  During this trip, I'll be visiting FS friends in Jerusalem and Addis Ababa, with an insane itinerary that has me flying to Amman, driving to Jerusalem, and catching a cab to Tel Aviv on my tourist passport, and then flying to Ethiopia and back to Riyadh on my diplomatic passport.  (State issues extra tourist passports to people who have a need to travel to Israel and various Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, that would flip out at seeing an Israeli passport stamp.  My passport count is up to three so far; I just need to marry someone in the military so I can get an official one to complete the collection.)

In January for my first R&R, I will be going to Shanghai to see a number of people I know in the city, as well as meeting up with my college roommate Leslie.  After a few days there, I'll go to Taipei to see more friends, and then meet up with Leslie again in Japan, where she lives, for about ten days.  I'll be spending my birthday, inauguration day, with her in Obama, Japan.  I'll return to the Kingdom a few days after that.

Be jealous.  =D

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