Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Interview Ever - In Sha' Allah!

In what will hopefully be my final visa interview ever, I refused a tourist visa to the wife of an American citizen. The husband then proceeded to heap verbal abuse on me, calling me a bitch, an asshole, and a racist for refusing a visa to his lawful wife - how dare I presume that she would overstay her visa? How dare I make an American citizen change his vacation plans?

Ahh, consular work. Never boring.


  1. Goodbye, good luck,....

    You know the rest of the phrase. The only thing better than Craighead County in the rear view mirror will be KSA.

  2. I had a similar interview in Jamaica several months back...a 60-ish year old American and his 22 year old Jamaican wife wanted to get her a visa so she could "visit" the U.S., then return to Jamaica. When I refused her, he started name-dropping the DCM and threatening to go over my head. I told him I was sure the DCM would love hearing from him!

  3. Oh yes, those are the best! "But I know the DCM, you can't deny me!" Really?

  4. I am glad to be done with consular work, but man am I glad I got the stories!

    I have those same kinds...I am going to go to the CG or whoever...I said, Good, he can issue the visa in HIS name.