Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ordering Pizza in Riyadh

In a normal workplace, if you work past closing time at the company cafeteria, you call in for delivery of some food. In Riyadh, if we interview past 2 PM when the cafeteria stops serving food (this happens far more frequently than I would like... six hours of visa interviews without stopping is no fun), we will sometimes order in pizza from the shop across the street. It's actually pretty good - if I had the choice in the States, I'd order Baak Pizza over most of the delivery chains there. The best part is that the store will deliver to the embassy within half an hour, unless you call right before prayer.

However, there's one small step we have that most office buildings can skip: we have to put the pizza box through the X-ray scanner. Once it's determined to be free of all suspicious objects and potential explosives, the box is cheerily stamped X-RAY SCANNED by the guard, and we're ready to take lunch back to the office, where we can munch on our all-beef pepperoni.

Just another day in Riyadh.

1 comment:

  1. Think positively!

    You're ahead of the curve now.

    There's still a lot (too much) consumer reluctance to irradiating food to destroy contaminants.

    Now you've got bragging rights and proof positive that it's safe.

    How it might have affected the quality of the pizza, is of course a mystery for the ages. That factor is too dependent on how good it was to begin with.