Saturday, April 24, 2010

When Did April Start Going This Fast?

Holy crap...  in five weeks I'll be wheels up.  I'm flying out on the 26th of May, and I'll arrive in Istanbul via Frankfurt the next day.  My end-of-training exam (eep!) is next Friday.  I have a hard time motivating myself to study - I feel pretty good that I'll get the required 2/2 without any problems, but there's no way I'll make it to the 3/3 level of language incentive pay, either.  So I'm just floating along.  As happens every time I approach another move (8 since 2004), I think of all of the things I haven't done that I wanted to do.  This time it's road trips outside the city that I wish I'd done more frequently.  Ah, well.  I hope I get to do a lot of those in Turkey, and I'll be back in DC soon enough.

This job has a lot of ups and downs, things that I love and things that make me want to slice myself.  One of the perks is how many awesome people you get to spend time with at work, and how strong your friendships are.  The downside, of course, is that after a few months you all split up and head to your separate posts.  It makes vacations easy (I don't pay for hotels, honey, I stay with friends), but it's a constant stream of goodbyes.

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