Friday, July 02, 2010

Another 4th of July Down

All week we were worried it was going to keep raining - having absolutely zero back-up plan for where to put our 1200 dearest friends in the event of a cloudburst - but Thursday dawned sunny and clear and not too hot.  This was my first 4th working it as a contact event, rather than an event where I was logistical support.  (That is to say, I greeted guests and reconnected with my contacts, rather than checked in gifts at the entrance or kept an eye on security at the VIP entrance.)  Some of my contacts, religious leaders in the city, made a point to tell me that they had prayed for the weather to be sunny for us all, a divine intervention we greatly appreciated!

I also met a few new people.  One woman, a professor, is a good friend of one of our close Consulate contacts, and he introduced me to her because "I know you will like her!"  He was right - I did.  She's a professor of architectural history, and when she was telling me about her last lecture trip to the US, she mentioned that she'd been in Los Angeles for part of the visit.  I asked her if she had family there, and she said, "No, I was visiting a friend of mine.  Perhaps you know him, Frank Gehry?"  Yes ma'am, I do believe I've heard of him once or twice...

Another contact brought his family to the reception, and as we stood around munching on Krispy Kreme and sipping champagne, his wife discovered that A) I speak Turkish, which thrilled her since she speaks no English, B) I'm an only child, and my mother misses me, and C) I'm the same age as their daughter.  I now have an adopted mother who calls me canim ("my dear") and wants me to come have dinner with them regularly.  I love Turkey.  


  1. I would certainly jump on the "have dinner with them regularly" opportunity. The only proper way to eat Turkish food is to eat home-cooked Turkish food, according to everyone with which I spoke.

    I remember doing the 4th in Ankara a few years back, and it was a real morale boost after a hard year. Just a reminder that the ceremonies and the pomp is very appreciated by many, and another thank you for doing what you do.

    Iyi Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin bağımsızlık günüler!

  2. Oh hannah, I'm SO glad that you now have a sweet adoptive Turkish mother. Who is anxious to feed you. And calls you precious pet names.

    That makes my heart happy. Very happy indeed.

  3. Just so you know, I love this post