Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Degrees of Expatriate Life

Last night I met up someone (1) to talk about his process of joining the Foreign Service over beer.  He's the brother of a friend/contact (2) I met through work, and as it turns out, he (1) is a grad student in the same US program as one of my friends (3) from undergrad.  Afterwards, I went with him (1) to a friend's (4) apartment nearby for a small dinner get-together.  As it turns out, this friend (4) knows the intern (5) in my office very well, and the hostess' (4) roommate (6) knew my predecessor (7) at the Consulate.  To confuse things even more, one of the other guests (8) at the dinner is on the road to the FS, and his (8) fiancee (9) is a lawyer at one of the major corporations in town.  She (9) does business stuff by day, but pro bono legal work in my particular field of interest at work (minority community rights).

I love my life.



  2. You know it doesn't take much to totally confuse me and you STILL insist on doing it!