Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away

Found this hiding in my drafts page - it's from 31 August.

With apologies to Al Green for expropriating his song titles for completely unrelated topics...

Two years ago today I arrived in Saudi Arabia - hung over, with no sleep and less luggage - for a year's tour that changed me in ways I'm still trying to understand.  I am still a little shocked when I look back at my time there - it seems so long ago.  So many things had gone wrong in my life at about that time, and when I was thrown into a situation like Riyadh, I didn't handle the isolation and the stress well.  I came out of it a much stronger, more confident person, it's true, but I still have moments where I don't recognize the person I've become.

This is a series of thoughts I've tried to write many times.  It's hard to explain what Riyadh was like for me without getting into drama and unnecessary details.  Thirteen months after leaving Saudi, and three months after arriving here, I think I've finally found my new center - the new balance point of my life.  I am happy.


  1. Yay!!

    Happy is good.

    Happy is VERY good!


  2. I am SO SO glad you dropped by SGIME this morning, as I have been searching fruitlessly through my files trying to remember how I found your blog way back when when you were here! I'm really wanting to pick your brain on a new (book? documentary?) project I'm looking at - The Abaya & American Women in KSA. Part of it is a survey (, but I'd love to get your thoughts on it outside that format as well. Let me know if you're interested (sandgetsinmyeyes-blog (at) yahoo (dot) com), and again - I'm so happy to locate you again - bookmarked!

    Thanks SGIME