Monday, November 29, 2010

A Rough Day, Getting Rougher

Wikileaks.  Urgh.

That's all I've got on that topic now, though if you're a user of Google Reader, you might see more of my opinions in that venue.  I've kept the profanity to a minimum.

I also just got slammed with being the control for four official visits in the next two weeks, three of which have fewer than 12 hours between one visitor's wheels up and the next visitor's arrival.  Getting out and meeting with people on my own?  Totally unnecessary.  I can't do my job because of my job!

Did I mention that I'm up for tenure, rather by surprise?  And that I therefore have to prepare my performance memoranda with about a four-week notice, which included a ten-day stay in the US?  Oh, and that I'm the guinea pig at post for testing our all-online performance evaluation system...  which is to say that no one can figure out how in the hell I'm supposed to have an EER.  I mean, it's to my financial benefit not to get tenured this go-round (hello, six more months of overtime), but still, if I'm not to be tenured, I'd at least like it to be because I was considered and judged to need more time.

Also, it appears that if one spends 10 days at home with one's family doing nothing but eating homemade food and drinking, one might gain some weight.  I'd make a joke about my hips not lying about how much they love my stepdad's cooking, but I'm too tired and grumpy.

Whine, grump, complain.  I'm taking my Beej and going to bed.


  1. What? Jimmy's cooking makes us gain weight? And all this time I've been blaming it on you. "I just can't seem to lose this baby fat!"

  2. Hope tomorrow goes better. Hang in there!

  3. Well hang on to the good memories from the trip home and hopefully you are not a stress eater like me so you can shed a few pounds.

    Good luck with the EER. As far as I am concerned anyone with all that plus wikileaks on their plate has a total right to whine grump and complain!

  4. Just so you know, you should have made the joke :) Keep me up on how this goes..