Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moments to Remember

Tomorrow I start eight full days of control officering on two separate visits, both of which have more moving parts and complications than a bureaucracy designed by Rube Goldberg.  When I leave for R&R in two weeks, I'll be running right at mental and physical empty.  So for the moment, I'm holding on to the best moment of the last few weeks, to keep me going through several long nights at the airport or hours in tour busses.

Last Sunday, on a whim Eric and I packed up a few beers, a bag of chips, and a jar of salsa, and off we went to a park on the sea near his house.  We got there just before sunset, and we found a rock by the seawall, right on the edge of the water.  We spread out a picnic blanket, huddled in our coats, and watched the sun set over the Princes' Islands, the Sea of Marmara, and the busy ferryboat traffic of Istanbul.  As the sun dipped below the water, and the tide started to come in around our feet, we bundled up, picked up our trash (two bottles, two bottle caps, and one cigarette butt), and headed back home.

Best.  Date.  Ever.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Thanks for the Encouragement, Y'all

Periodically I like to stroke my ego and look at the audience data Blogger provides for each blog.  You know, what posts are read the most, what sites refer the most to this one, and the countries with most readers.  (Whoever's in the Northern Mariana Islands must LOVE me, judging by the hit count.)  The best, though, is the list of search terms that lead to your site.  Most of mine are variants of my name and the title - ["slow move" hannah], [hannah slow move east], ["hannah draper" "move east"], and the like.

Whoever found me by searching ["foreign service" slow career progression] wins a beer from me for your chutzpah.  I prefer to think that my career is progressing at exactly the right speed for it, and I'll thank you very much to keep your nose out of how I choose to raise my career!  That's a very personal decision.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Am Not Meant to Live Alone

In the past three days, I have...
  • Washed dishes with what I thought was dishwashing detergent but appears to be some sort of industrial sink cleaner (it said "cleaner" in Turkish...)
  • Shattered a pyrex measuring cup in my kitchen, spraying glass shards across three rooms in the process
  • Subsequently ground tiny glass pieces into my feet, because there's no way I could sweep up every single one
  • Burned out the motor on my vacuum cleaner 
  • Managed to create a few new species of bacteria in my fridge (Well, to be fair, I just noticed them in the past few days.  Such magnificent creatures as this probably took months to evolve.)
  • Obtained a nasty bruise or three on my hips/legs, which I have no recollection of obtaining
Damnit.  I need a minder.