Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Am Not Meant to Live Alone

In the past three days, I have...
  • Washed dishes with what I thought was dishwashing detergent but appears to be some sort of industrial sink cleaner (it said "cleaner" in Turkish...)
  • Shattered a pyrex measuring cup in my kitchen, spraying glass shards across three rooms in the process
  • Subsequently ground tiny glass pieces into my feet, because there's no way I could sweep up every single one
  • Burned out the motor on my vacuum cleaner 
  • Managed to create a few new species of bacteria in my fridge (Well, to be fair, I just noticed them in the past few days.  Such magnificent creatures as this probably took months to evolve.)
  • Obtained a nasty bruise or three on my hips/legs, which I have no recollection of obtaining
Damnit.  I need a minder.


  1. Just leave those bacteria alone for a few more months. One day soon they'll hop on out of the fridge - instant companionship!

  2. There you go...sounds like the sourdough bread starter has been found!

  3. I'm picturing an epic battle between the Beej and whatever's growing in my fridge. I'm actually not sure who'd win.

  4. My money is on Beej...I have scars to prove it!

  5. I have done the pyrex thing more than once. That stuff really explodes.