Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moments to Remember

Tomorrow I start eight full days of control officering on two separate visits, both of which have more moving parts and complications than a bureaucracy designed by Rube Goldberg.  When I leave for R&R in two weeks, I'll be running right at mental and physical empty.  So for the moment, I'm holding on to the best moment of the last few weeks, to keep me going through several long nights at the airport or hours in tour busses.

Last Sunday, on a whim Eric and I packed up a few beers, a bag of chips, and a jar of salsa, and off we went to a park on the sea near his house.  We got there just before sunset, and we found a rock by the seawall, right on the edge of the water.  We spread out a picnic blanket, huddled in our coats, and watched the sun set over the Princes' Islands, the Sea of Marmara, and the busy ferryboat traffic of Istanbul.  As the sun dipped below the water, and the tide started to come in around our feet, we bundled up, picked up our trash (two bottles, two bottle caps, and one cigarette butt), and headed back home.

Best.  Date.  Ever.


  1. I love this image. Good luck with the visits and enjoy your well deserved R&R!

  2. Sounds like a happy belated b'day date. Keep that good thought in your head for the next few're going to need it, no doubt! And Eric, learn to duck. Her tolerance for BS is very low on her best days and I have a feeling she's about to have many days full of BS.

  3. Very cool on the WaPo article! Just saw it on Diplopundit. You are awesome.

  4. Congrats on the Washington Post profile!

  5. Hope you have a great R&R.

    I've quoted you and linked to you here: