Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ahhhh.  Sweet, sweet vacation.

I spent a week in DC, and despite the highest of hopes, I actually saw very few people there - much of my time was spent vegging out with two of my closest friends or sleeping.  (I think I've finally restored my sleep account after a few weeks of hell at the office before I left.)  My apologies to those I wanted to see while I was there (if you're at FSI, you're on that list!) - next time, I'll make Arkansas the first leg of my journey, so I'll be rested and restless when I get to Washington!

I got in to Memphis yesterday afternoon after far too much time spent in O'Hare (next time, I should look at my schedule and realize that a five-hour layover is in store), and my parents took me for a late lunch at one of my favorite Memphis restaurants.  Traditionally, we've always gone there to eat right after I fly in, so it was good to get my regular BBQ pizza and a Shiner Bock.  After we came home, my mom and I spent the evening snuggling with our weenie dogs and watching Laugh-In reruns.

I have made zero plans for my time in Arkansas.  My mom and I may go to the horse races, and then again we may not.  I brought home a bunch of reading to do for work, and I may ignore it.  I do have several things I want to write about for the blog, but then again, it may prove to be too taxing to think about complex things!  I am on vacation, after all.

Ahhhhh.  Sweet relaxation.


  1. I'm so glad to have you here.

    ILyB and ILBs2, M

  2. How have I never heard of the Pizza Cafe? Scratch that, I know, but thank you for the tip, will try on my next trip 'home'!