Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hey Y'all, It's Round Up Tiiiiime!

I've been a grump this week - snappish at work due to short staffing and lots of visits, one minor crying fit over trying to find work-appropriate clothing in Turkey, and stress from worrying about family in the States.  I started a number of blog posts, but just couldn't finish them - when I'm in a bad mood, it affects my writing, and I try not to bum others out unnecessarily.  (I offer my apologies to the Turkey Desk, who's had to suffer through my doom-and-gloom cables of late.)  So last night, when I came home to find Eric greeting me at the door with a fresh smoothie and several episodes of Arrested Development queued up, happy time took precedence over the Round Up.  My apologies!!

I'm pretty sure all of the Flag Day announcements from 29 April were too late to make it in last week's Round Up, so let me say congratulations to everyone on their posts!  Alex at Travel Orders has an awesome retrospective on Flag Day posts over the last several months, which I think is awesome - I'll mine it for unknown blogs later today.

The biggest news of the last 7 days, of course, is the announcement of Usama bin Laden's death.  I'm considering writing my own "where were you when..." post about it - but then again, I may not.  I have my own experiences to share, but I find Dani's account at Hot Pot to be the most moving of the FS accounts I've read, though TSB's post hits on the mood of a lot of the other responses.

KNG mentions an interesting phenomenon for a certain segment of us: the SXF (single x female) on the dating market.  I remember in my A-100 all of us unmarried women crowding around one of our course coordinators at the Woods who'd told us that she was also single when she joined State.  I think we all lived in fear of not finding The One because of our overseas adventures - though 3.5 years in, we seem to be doing pretty well for ourselves.  What have other people's adventures in overseas relationships been like?  Diplopundit highlights the experience of Ambassador Ranneberger in Kenya - so sweet!

A few sights and experiences from those of us at post - Adrian explains parking in Wellington, Erin finally comes to terms with being pastey white (from one melanin-free person to another, high five!!), and Pryor Adventures celebrates a new-found attitude of relaxation with a Laotian beer.  The Ogles get their Easter on in Recife with massive chocolate eggs and a visit to a beautiful basilica nearby, while Sara and family enjoy a relaxed Easter week in Costa Rica.

Special thanks to my friend Emily, who keeps me up-to-date when new blogs come onto the FS screen.  Check back here later for an updated Google Reader feed.

That's it for this week, folks!  It's a sunny day in Istanbul, for the first time in ten days.  Come to think of it, that might be part of the reason why I've been such a grump of late.  I think I'm going to grab my camera and head out into the springtime sun.  Have a great weekend!