Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sick Day

I've been fighting (unsuccessfully) a low-level, persistent stomach bug for a week now.  It comes and it goes, with some days better than others.  I decided to take a mental/physical health day today to get some extra sleep and to catch up on a few pressing issues.  I think a lot of it is mental; even though I don't feel stressed at the moment, I have a lot to do in the next few months.  Here's the overall list of things to do before I arrive in Libya on 8 June.

  • Wedding: plan and execute a wedding, add Eric to my travel orders/insurance/bank accounts, update all legal documents to reflect new status.
  • PCS: plan for exporting the cats to the States, pack out, plan for taking only two suitcases to Tripoli, plan for home leave.
  • Libya: try to find Eric a job there so he can go with me, brush up my Arabic, mentally steel myself for being in a dorm-like setting again.
  • Work: wrap up my tour in the next two months, handle several large visits and Congressional reports, increase my cable productivity, prepare for a handover to my successor.
As a family friend once told me, I've got so much on my plate right now that I should really just get a platter to make things easier!


  1. Jeebus, sweety - you need a buffet table! Take it easy on yourself when you can. You know... five months from now. :P

  2. The thing that's best about this? Ordering bridesmaid dresses now for weddings in the fall... my weight will go up or down (likely both) by like 40 pounds between now and then! Stress makes me drink more and eat less...

  3. >.< Sorry about that... We have a size 12 that we're holding on to until after the wedding as a just-in-case dress. Not to count on it, but there's a maybe back-up in case you need to go up a size (and we need to get the 12 altered down).

  4. To quote the 4 year old, "Rewax, rewax!"

    I'm worrying enough for both of us.