Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Bands

Quick update before we hop on a plane and fly away from Istanbul.  I'm (unsurprisingly) procrastinating on my final writing tasks before we leave, but I wanted to put this out here: being married is awesome.

Yes yes, I know I've only been that way for a few weeks.  But Eric and I survived our first joint packout today, and it was about as painless as one can expect such an endeavor to be.  In the past few days, as we've packed up our lives, whenever I'd start to panic, he'd calm me down...  and vice versa.  We just got back from a ten-day road trip around the Turkish Aegean coast (honeymoon #1), and you know it's a good relationship when you can spend time with no one else for so long, reading quietly or talking easily, driving and stopping when you see a cozy place to have a coffee break and play a hand of cards.  Life just feels so comfortable with Eric.

I never wanted to post pictures of my engagement ring, because that seems ostentatious for me.  (No slight to those who do that - it's just not my style.)  But I can't stop staring at the wedding band snuggled up against my engagement ring, thinking about what it means and the words we said at our wedding.  Even though I wrote the CG's speech (our officiant!) two days before the wedding, and my vows the night before, I can't imagine anything more perfect, more meaningful for us, than to share our love with our friends and coworkers in the city where we fell in love.

On Friday morning Eric and I fly out for home leave in Arkansas, which will actually be our first time in the US together.  I can't wait for this next step in our lives.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a Taste...

As stressed as I am about wrapping up my tour here (four more days in the office oh my GOD), it's worthwhile to stop and remember that two weeks ago I had one of the happiest days of my life.  It will be so difficult to leave Istanbul, because of the fun I've had here and the friends I've made, but I'm taking the best part of the city with me - Eric.

My mother, trying to encourage me
to get a move on and get dressed
My sister, providing encouragement

Possibly the best photo ever
We are so lucky that we were able to get married
at the Consul General's residence!

My closest friends in Istanbul, the Be┼čler

Monday, April 09, 2012

EER Complaints Bandwagon

Can I jump on the complaints train with everyone else?  Because dear lord, I hate annual reviews.  I hate having to find just the right turn of phrase to prove that I personally saved the world, twice, since my last review.  I hate the back-and-forth of paperwork and hemming and hawing.  I hate the secret code words and potential death traps that you only learn about after you've completely screwed up an annual review (which, let the record state, I've already done once, and I still don't think I know all of the shibboleths).

Is it obvious that I'm supposed to be writing my EER right now, as opposed to blogging?  Because...  yeah.  Maybe I'll go make soup or something.

Update: Just filed my taxes rather than work on my EER.  Not sure what paperwork I can do next to procrastinate more productively...

Update 2: Uploaded wedding photos to Facebook at 1 AM rather than work on my EER.  Now sleepy and have made no further progress on it.  Sigh.

Friday, April 06, 2012


The last guests left today (including my mom, Katelyn, and the cats), and after a busy three weeks, Eric and I finally have the chance to take a deep breath and be still for a moment.  Our house is an absolute disaster, as we're in the middle of preparing for our packout, but for right now, I think we'll just veg out for the evening.  Tomorrow is for packing, sorting, EER writing, and brunching with friends.  Oh, and posting pictures and telling stories - the last few months have been great!