Monday, April 09, 2012

EER Complaints Bandwagon

Can I jump on the complaints train with everyone else?  Because dear lord, I hate annual reviews.  I hate having to find just the right turn of phrase to prove that I personally saved the world, twice, since my last review.  I hate the back-and-forth of paperwork and hemming and hawing.  I hate the secret code words and potential death traps that you only learn about after you've completely screwed up an annual review (which, let the record state, I've already done once, and I still don't think I know all of the shibboleths).

Is it obvious that I'm supposed to be writing my EER right now, as opposed to blogging?  Because...  yeah.  Maybe I'll go make soup or something.

Update: Just filed my taxes rather than work on my EER.  Not sure what paperwork I can do next to procrastinate more productively...

Update 2: Uploaded wedding photos to Facebook at 1 AM rather than work on my EER.  Now sleepy and have made no further progress on it.  Sigh.


  1. Once had a boss put on my EER he was "pleasantly surprised" at how well I had handled a major visit. Words of death - your boss should not be surprised you do something right. In my defense, I tried to get him to remove "surprised" but he refused. Ah well.

  2. Ouch! That's right up there with "surprisingly articulate" in terms of death phrases.

  3. I once had a boss insist that he use the Management category for my area for improvement citing the occasional time I had come only 15 instead of 30 minutes early to get caught up from the previous shift (it actually said that). I've always thought it was terribly unfair to have an area of improvement named the same thing as a cone - it's like a condemnation times two. Tell you what, if you get really desperate we can swap - you spend 30 minutes editing my chapter on ipads in classrooms and I'll spend 30 minutes on your eer. I'm a pro editor - just ask Bix! That said, I'll do it anyway if you need an extra eye, no strings attached. :)