Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More Changes

This morning, the Libya Desk at Main State called me.  "Come by our office before 2.30 PM to get your visa request letter," said a voice I knew only from emails.  "Your visa will most likely be ready by Wednesday afternoon."

I'd just resigned myself to spending a few weeks at loose ends in DC, practicing Arabic and catching up with friends and buying earrings in Eastern Market, and now it looks like I'll fly out on Thursday (that's three days away), as we'd planned when I first got my travel orders in March.


On the plus side, when I dropped my visa application off at the Libyan embassy this afternoon, I ran into someone I served with in Riyadh - he's currently based in DC, and he was picking up visas for his some of his colleagues.  He said that he'd been to Tripoli in February and absolutely loved it, and that he's jealous of my assignment!  It's a good sign, I do believe.

So today was a lot of shopping for last-minute items.  Tomorrow is packing and mailing things, plus last-minute farewells that I thought I'd have more time for.  Wednesday is final errands and picking up my passport with visa, and Thursday is for spending a last day with Eric before we fly, visiting a few museums and snuggling.

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