Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Yesterday I spoke at a panel for young professionals interested in Middle East policy.  It was an off-the-record, TED-talk style panel that really was a lot of fun.  I told a story about escorting Sen. John McCain through the 2012 Libyan election day and how that day really exercised some of the most important skills to have in the Foreign Service: flexibility, cross-cultural communication, and a sense of humor.  I came away in a good mood, feeling like I could turn my experiences into something useful and even funny for a general audience.

Last night, something incredible happened.  Clearly my dream was prompted by my discussion of Libya - but it was the first dream I've had about Libya since 2012 that wasn't a soul-crushing, sweat-soaked nightmare.  I dreamed that I went back to Tripoli, to our old compound in 2016 for a visit.  I met the new crop of embassy staff who had reopened the embassy a few miles away.  While they were concerned at first to see me wandering around the destroyed remnants of the old mission, once they realized who I was I was welcomed into the new community as a friend.  They even showed me where my old house - destroyed and cleared away in this dream-world, but with a garden planted on the site - was and told me, "This must be really good for you to come back and be welcomed here and to get closure."

It really was.  My heart feels a little lighter today.  


  1. Taken a while, but finally, some good thoughts coming to the surface. I hope your dream comes true.

  2. Smiling big for you with this next big step. What a wonderful dream!